Terms of business

These terms of business apply to all assignments handled by Fønix Lawyers, unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon.

Required information

Fønix Lawyers is established at the address Fredens Torv 1, 8000 Aarhus C.

We can be contacted by phone on the number +45 72 17 00 22 as well as by e-mail at info@fonixlaw.dk.

Our CVR (VAT) number is DK 35718362, and we are organized as a partnership with the partners Claus Madsen, Michael Melchior and Jeppe Svenning.

We have a client account in Handelsbanken, Aarhus C, reg.nr. 7633 and account nr. 1052670. In case of payment, please specify the relevant case number.

Handling of cases 

The attorneys at Fønix Lawyers are licensed by the Danish Ministry of Justice and are members of the Danish Bar and Law Society. The attorneys at Fønix Lawyers are compelled to follow the Danish Bar and Law Society’s supervisory and disciplinary system, and will be handling cases in accordance to the current rules applying to the work of attorneys, hereby also the Danish Administration of Justice Act and the Code of Conduct for the Danish Bar and Law Society. The Code of Conduct for the Danish Bar and Law Society can be found on the website www.advokatsamfundet.dk/Service/English.aspx

Liability, limitation of liability and insurance

Fønix Lawyers is liable for damages under the general rules of Danish Law. All attorneys at Fønix Lawyers are covered by the company’s liability insurance and guarantee at CAN Insurance Company Ltd. The liability insurance covers all legal work performed by Fønix Lawyers, wherever it is performed.

Fønix Lawyers is exclusively liable for the counseling provided in connection to the specific assignment, and cannot be held liable, if the counseling is used for another purpose without Fønix Lawyers’ explicit approval in advance.

Fønix Lawyers’ liability for the provided counseling is limited to an amount of maximum DKK. 50.000.000,00 per year. The same limitations apply, where Fønix Lawyers is aiding several clients with shared or similar interests in a combined assignment. In this case all clients will be treated as one.