Real estate

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Real estate:

We advise both private and professionals who either sell or purchase real estate. We also advise in disputes related to defects in real estate. Our counselling related to real estate may include the following:

  • Conclusion of a sales agreement
  • Approval and handling of the individual parts of the property transaction including deposits, bank guarantees, registration, takeover of mortgage deeds and drafting of reimbursement statements etc.
  • Investigation of the property for defects, soil contamination and formulation/wording of guarantees
  • Financing and forward cover
  • Disclaimers
  • Law on rent 
  • Easements, burdens and encumbrances
  • Formulation of terms related to soil contamination etc.


Responsible specialist:

Jeppe Svenning
Lawyer (Supreme Court), Associated Partner
Mobil: +45 26 17 09 39